Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Birds and Feathers

There was once a day when a lady would never dream of leaving the house without her hat. When did that go out the window? Hats are great. They are quite possibly the perfect muti-functional accesory, not only keeping your head warm but covering what is most likely unwashed hair thus saving valuble time. Now, I am not talking about hats currently sported by the masses, all of which seem to have been originally designed for adolecent boys, but beautiful feminine creations with velvet and netting and the occasional bird or feather. Is there really any better form of self expression through fashion than a good hat? I think not.
Hats featured in today's blog, seen at NY fashion week, from left: Custo Barcelona, Anna Sui, and Sabyasachi.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My roommate saw him at Sunset Junction

Congradulations to the winner of Project Runway. . .I love this dress. Way to go Jeff!

By the by, my mother was not happy with his win. She said it was because she didn't like his collection but we all know it is really because he wasn't very nice (and she hates tatoos).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Je ne sais pas

I am going to Paris in less than three weeks. There are so many asspects of this trip that I should be looking forward to. The class I am taking, enjoying my new favorite cuisine, being there with lovely people, discovering if flirting in France is the same as flirting in Los Angeles just to name a few. I however, can only think about how nice it will be to not have to drive for a few days. No concern that my transportation will be towed, reposessed, empounded, crashed into*, stalled, lauphed at, shat upon, or sent to bed with no supper**.

Strang to feel so much freedom leaving the USA for France.

*Not that I couldn't be crashed into in Paris, but it would be so Lady Di I think I could handle it.
**Supper is a nice word. Hence forth, all eveing meals are to be referred to as supper.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My own private Project Runway

Over the summer I had the chance to hairdress a fashion show during LA fashion week. The gifted Gillian Kuhlman (G42) was the key hairstylist at the Glaza show. It was brilliant and we all had a fantastic time. Marina Toybina, the designer for Glaza (a lovely lady) was gracious enough to loan us garments for the art team's opener of the Awards for Excellence, Carlton's annual artist competition between salons, this last Sunday. The wardrobe was stunning to say the least, and we thank Marina for all her help.
This, however is not the purpose of this post. Marina, the lovely lady that she is, bestowed upon me a most beautimus cocktail dress; grey balloon skirt, empire waist, with yellow/white roses and raffia-like adornment along the bust. It was a hit at the after show and, as a simple girl from Claremont, has earned a special place not only it the blog but in my memiors, to be published once someone I know has become fabulously famous enough to make money off of. Thank you, Marina (even though my little skater brothers didn't get, and may have laughed a little when I showed them. What you gonna do, it was made of tent material. They don't get fashion!)

If I had pictures from the event I would post. This is not the case, so here is a plea; if anyone took a picture of me Sunday night, please pass it along. The blog would love it so!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tonia and Rachel's summer of fun, 2006 or The hottest summer ever

I may be crazy. Who am I kidding, I am totally crazy. Not like girls gone wild, lake havascrew crazy and not like Vincent from season three Project Runway crazy, but maybe like Natalie Portman in Garden State crazy*. I have my crazy little tendancies, but nothing to scary or socially unexceptable. Anyhow, some of these these tendancies built up throughout the last year and exploded on me about mid-July. I won't go into detail as to what actually happened but I will say as terrible as it all was, it opened the doors to Tonia and Rachel's summer of fun, 2006.

There I was on the break of a melt down and the part about it that was wierd was that so was everybody I knew. Car accidents, fights, morning after shame, getting fired, trips to urgent care for stiches, family problems, car repossesions----the skies opened up and unleashed some of the worst crap you can have to deal with**. On top of it all, it was the hottest week of the hottest summer on record in Southern California. Life was so crappy there was only one thing to do---- have fun. It may have been the most optimism I have ever experienced. Think about it, the next day couldn't possibly be any worst, so let's just go out and have a good time. The next several weeks were spent splitting time between headquarters, Tonia's office, the beach house, the tree house (though only once it cooled down, no a/c) and various other kindred locations filled with good people willing join in on the care free, what else could go wrong, summer of fun, 2006.

*No, I am not a compulsive liar with lots of strange pets.
**I talk about this in jest now because nothing catastrophic actually occured, i.e. death, divorce, loss of limb, you get it.

Is this as bad as myspace?

So, I hate myspace on principle. Seriously, you choose favorite people, is that not a little twisted to anyone else? But here is my problem; I am known from time to time to be at Tonia's house while she is getting her myspace fix and finding a guilty little pang of desire to have a little space of my own. Now I realize that this is totally narcissistic because all I really want to do is bask in the glow of my own thoughts and pictures in a public forum* but I can rationalize that away with the fact that everyone else I know has similar tendancies.
So here it is, my blog, not myspace.

PS, I really hope that the host of this blog has no affiliation with Fox.

*I use the term public loosely due to the fact the I doubt there will be an overwhelming rush of people dying to see these thoughts and pictures but they are available none the less)