Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tonia and Rachel's summer of fun, 2006 or The hottest summer ever

I may be crazy. Who am I kidding, I am totally crazy. Not like girls gone wild, lake havascrew crazy and not like Vincent from season three Project Runway crazy, but maybe like Natalie Portman in Garden State crazy*. I have my crazy little tendancies, but nothing to scary or socially unexceptable. Anyhow, some of these these tendancies built up throughout the last year and exploded on me about mid-July. I won't go into detail as to what actually happened but I will say as terrible as it all was, it opened the doors to Tonia and Rachel's summer of fun, 2006.

There I was on the break of a melt down and the part about it that was wierd was that so was everybody I knew. Car accidents, fights, morning after shame, getting fired, trips to urgent care for stiches, family problems, car repossesions----the skies opened up and unleashed some of the worst crap you can have to deal with**. On top of it all, it was the hottest week of the hottest summer on record in Southern California. Life was so crappy there was only one thing to do---- have fun. It may have been the most optimism I have ever experienced. Think about it, the next day couldn't possibly be any worst, so let's just go out and have a good time. The next several weeks were spent splitting time between headquarters, Tonia's office, the beach house, the tree house (though only once it cooled down, no a/c) and various other kindred locations filled with good people willing join in on the care free, what else could go wrong, summer of fun, 2006.

*No, I am not a compulsive liar with lots of strange pets.
**I talk about this in jest now because nothing catastrophic actually occured, i.e. death, divorce, loss of limb, you get it.


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