Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sometimes Brooklyn looks like Echo Park

It just wouldn't be a Rachel trip without a couple of blog worthy escapades. Having spent the last six days in New York City, I am not at a lack. The following are the two most note worthy NYC encounters.*

Story #1:
Who needs TV; NY cabby's are the best entertainment

Running late to class on Thursday, I hailed a cab uptown to venture down to the meat packing district. Seeing that I was clearly from out of town, my cab driver proceeded to ask the standard questions. Business or pleasure? Where are you from? How long are you here? Blah, blah, blah. He then inquired if I liked Indian food, which I answered in the affirmative not realizing that his question was a pick-up line and not small talk. He followed up by asking if I had five or six hours to spare while I was in town because he would like to take me to Atlantic city. Tempted, I replied, but I just wasn't going to have that kind of time, sooo sorry. He apparently took no offensive to the rejection as he didn't charge me for the ride. Now, that's a good cabby.**

Story #2
Three things that don't go together: subways, luggage, and chicks from LA

After finishing my Class on Friday, I made my way uptown to meet a friend, fetch the bags from storage at my Hotel, and make our way out to Brooklyn. Doesn't sound to bad until you consider the type of neurotic traveler I am, and look at my luggage. All mocking of women who over pack should be redirected towards me. I had two rolly suit cases, one heavy laptop carry on bag, my gigantic purse, a folder from my class, and my Marc Jacobs shopping bag. So their we were, clunky baggage downstairs, clunky baggage upstairs, clunky baggage trying to pass pissed off New Yorkers during rush hour on the coldest day ever. For the most part, this lugging of awkward baggage was at most annoying, then we came to the turnstile. . .where I got stuck. Tall red head in a faux fur hounds tooth coat stuck in a turnstile do to vain over packing. Karma's a bitch***, and I have the bruises to prove it.

*Stories now. Pictures to follow.

**As I told people of this encounter I was inundated with interesting cabby stories. Some funny, some annoying, but none of them ended in a free fare. Suckas!

***If you know me well enough, you know why karma stuck me in that turnstile.


Blogger Courtney said...

Re: your altruistic cabby
Obviously you must have been wearing something far too low cut, and to this I must object.

3:08 PM  

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